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How to Hire Us

​Following reconsideration, you can request a hearing. There are timelines that must be complied with. At Hetzel Law Office, our initial consultations are always free. We will do a thorough review of your case to determine whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements for obtaining social security disability.

​Once we are hired, we will file a hearing request on your behalf. We will  make sure that the Social Security Administration has all of the necessary evidence to make its determination. If necessary, we will request additional information from your doctor to make sure your case is well positioned for approval.

​Finally, we will attend your hearing with you, and prepare you for any questions the judge may have. We have a significant track record of success at social security disability hearings. We can help. 

​Do I have a Case?

​Social Security Disability is defined as the inability to maintain gainful employment due to a physical or mental condition which is expected to last 12 months or longer.

Can a lawyer help?

​You should initially apply for social security disability on your own. Because the initial process involves only completing the application, a lawyer is not necessary. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, nearly 67% of all applications are denied. After denial, you should immediately apply for reconsideration. This is simply asking another employee from social security to review your case. Reconsideration success is even lower, with the success rate being less than 20%. Once you have been denied reconsideration, it is time to hire a lawyer. We can help. Don't wait.

Social Security Disability